Tuesday, June 5

Ellie’s great race report from an intense Comrades.

…speaking of Comrades, sounds like all sorts of people were making money from the event.

Body image pressures on female athletes.

I am crazy jealous of Frosty.

Awesome ArticleWhy nearly every sport except long-distance running is fundamentally absurd.

The Sweat Science Guy takes on the “Too Much Running” study.

Could you imagine running a sub 4 minute mile at age 40? This guy’s doing it.

Here’s a seven day stage race through Nepal and here are pictures from the region. WOW.

Not your thing? How about this race covering the ancient Khmer Path in Cambodia. When asked the “what would you do with a million bucks?” question…these are the things I’d do.

More realistically, a trail run from a winery in Southern Oregon with Tim Olson. Yes please!

Here’s a dog running playlist. Huh?

Brief but helpful list on How to Salvage a Bad Workout.


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