Ultra and Trail News, Fri, Feb 12

Ultra and Trail News

Read this now: Imposter syndrome, and how it affects many in the trail and ultra community.  

I’m loving these quick lessons from David Roche: How to swing your arms for trail and ultra efficiency and strength.

Do you remember your first time? Here’s mine: Though it wasn’t my first time running, my dad and I went on a little trail run in Tecolote Canyon in San Diego when I was maybe 10 years old that I remember to this day.

Watch this: Billy Yang’s new film about the top women at the recent Sean O’Brien 100k Golden Ticket race.

And in case you missed it earlier, here’s an incredible pic of Jen Benna after the race.

Jen Benna, post Sean O'Brien 100k. Used with permission.
Jen Benna, post Sean O’Brien 100k. Used with permission.

Go for a run, or open up a beer?

If I were in shape, I’d head down to Florida for the Ft. Clinch 50/100. The mixed terrain and lack of massive climbs sounds like my type of race.

Sweet gig: Cannabis gear tester. And yes, the Pax2 is awesome.

Emelie Forsberg may be sidelined with injury, but her attitude is spot-on.

Alright Canada, you win. Co-ed, naked yoga.

This is cool insight into how the Oly Trial runners handle their water bottles, but it also magnifies what I like about the ultra and trail world: Same aid station set ups for all of us.

The Angry Jogger gets semi-serious about his lifestyle.  There are plenty of addicts in the ultra world…you’ll be fine. Good for you, Matt!

This seems obvious: Why women who play sports are more successful.

You’ve heard me gush about Matt Gunn’s races (Bryce, Zion, etc), and even heard an ad on a recent podcast for the Grand Circle Trail Fest.  Here’s another reason he’s awesome: It’s a totally ecologically sensitive race he puts on.

This guy thought he was a decent runner until he ran a track workout with some professional women.  Trail and ultra equivalent: San Francisco Running Company Saturday morning runs.

Besides watching US Oly Marathon Trials and Valentine’s Day, what else is planned for this weekend?


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