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How to set long term goals in ultra running.

This elite was out for a training run near Sacramento and found a guy on a wall putting a noose around his neck.  You’ll have to read the story right here.

If you run on the roads, you need to read this.  A few safety tips, but really check out the data analysis.  While there’s no data on runners vs pedestrians, it’s still interesting to to see at what time runners are most likely hit and which gender is more at risk.

Jen Benna, post Sean O'Brien 50.
Jen Benna, post Sean O’Brien 100k. Used with permission.

Speaking of road runners, there’s a lot of freedom on the roads, as shown in this short essay by Jeremy.

Roll Recovery offering to pay entry fees for Olympic Trials qualifiers. Good on them! Here’s my review of their latest torture device.

Lots of big results from the Week in Running by Justin at iRunFar.  Golden tickets, Gordy qualifies, new names, new records…Check out that pic above of 3rd female at Sean O’Brien Jen Benna. Here’s her interview from last year.

Here’s Ian’s report from his Rocky win.

And here’s Ford Smith’s report from Tarawera.  Didn’t go as planned but gutted it out in the last 10k.

I opened up my heart and mind and let my inner unfuckwithable badassery come out. I ran hard and I ran free. No more gremlins, no more demons. I simply outran them.

—and here’s Devon’s report from her awesome finish at Sean O’Brien 100k.

McDonald’s kale salad: Is it any good?

ultra trail running wind river high route
Douglas Pass on the Wind River High Route. Pic by Andrew Skurka.

The Wind River High Route in Wyoming has been on my bucket list for a long time. Ninety miles of mixed trail with about 30k feet of cumulative elevation gain with nine passes between 12,200 ft and 11,500 ft—six off-trail and three on-trail. Hello!  Andrew Skurka has a guide that details every damn thing you need to know about it. Check it out here.

Women-only races confuse me. I understand the elite women who want to break the tape without any men, but can’t understand (hey, I’m a guy) the rest.  What’s so bad about running with men??? This article attempts to explain why women love these races, but comes off as pretty patronizing in my opinion.  Ladies, what do you think? Am I missing the entire point?

Then there are these superwomen.

1:11 half marathon with a stroller for a new WR. Awesome!  I’d love to see the GoPro footage!

A case for running by feel and ditching the GPS.

The 50-55 age group (both sexes) for ultras in Northern California is freaking brutal.  Here’s a great example.

The Western States Board of Trustess added/modified a rule banning runners with past convictions of doping.  Well done.  Wasn’t there a rule before though? Can’t recall what it was? Anyone?

…while Comrades is on the lookout for course cutters and bib mules. 

Manning’s Budweiser comment at the end of the Super Bowl yesterday caught my attention to. Here’s a bit more on it.

This dude is out walking on the trails with his son when he’s attacked by a mountain lion.  The cat lunges at him, dad wrestles it to the ground and snaps its neck. Wow!

Interested in either the paleo diet or going vegan? This discussion on Jeff Browning’s website is civil, smart, and has strong opinions from both sides. Check it out.

Hmm, a lot to take in here. Do high performance cultures lead to low success? It’s tough to compare some of the authors examples to ultra and trail running, but it’s no accident that top runners cluster around each other and make the group better.  Additionally, the author has some strong opinions on money in sports and how it’ll be the downfall of success.

…speaking of money in sports, the US Oly Trials will have $600k at stake for the winners.



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