Ultra Daily News, Wed, Feb 17

Ultra News!

I’ve long advocated for brushing your teeth during a long ultra. Now you can do it with caffeinated toothpaste! Awesome!

Thank You for all the kind birthday wishes. I wish I could get everyone together, meet you all finally, and have one big, awesome trail run.

And another gizmo that looks bizarre, a stationary bike that washes your clothes.

How to see everything awesome in Utah in one road trip.  I sure wish I had a dedicated week to do this! The Trail Fest might come close.

More from Mario’s Morning Shakeout with some interesting analysis from Olympic Trials.

Aside from growing a beard, adding “Barefoot” to the start of your twitter handle, and proselytizing about BTR and chia seeds, barefoot running does have its place.  Number three in this list is exactly me right now.  I ran a few barefoot miles on tartan last night and it felt great.

We all had a chance to win a speed skating ultra in Alaska this past weekend.  All you had to do was show up.

Aside from inherent talent and incredible work ethic, here’s why Max King excels at so many distances: He trains for them and races them!   But seriously Max, no mention of the new hairdo?

Yes! This type of thing will help foster the next generation of great runners. Give them a big stage, encouragement, and let em rip!

Short news day. What did I miss?

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