Ultra News, Apr 1, 2016

Ultra News for April 1st

Big ultra news: Ultimate Direction’s new ambassador Katniss is the only female besides Bev Abbs to have a shot at completing the Barkley Marathons this weekend.  Unfortunately, she’s not running.

Uncle Larry offers his opinions on “high dollar trail running chow.”

Lincoln chafee ultra

Former Democratic Presidential Nominee Lincoln Chafee named new president of IAAF and attempt to convert to a convoluted metric system of events.

I need an experienced female shoe reviewer with no ambassador/sponsor ties.  Must be 8.5 for both road and trail shoe. Email me here.  Thanks!

Didya like the track stadiums link from earlier this week?  (and thanks Sam for that awesome Tahoe track link!)  Here are some tracks in Texas. 

Yummy! Gu releases two new flavors: Pesto and Soy Sauce.

Interesting: Marcus O’Sullivan talks about running on ten different surfaces.  I like long runs on open singletrack, speed work on groomed earth, and drills/sprints on grass. You?

The LetsRun braintrust takes on ultras and doping and whether or not Sage will be running Western. Can’t tell if this is April 1 humor or not…guessing against it.

Starting to talk more about Tahoe200 and planning a 3 day run in late July on the trail. Anyone interested?  Message me.

I grew up in Southern California and have only been on a few of these trails.  One I’d definitely add? The trails above Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island.

How boobs affect your performance.  Wait, what?

Drone packed with nutrition and fluids will help athletes mid-race.

Every year about this time, Western States institutes some major changes. This time, it’s extreme cost-cutting measures.



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