Ultra News, Fri, Feb 5

Ultra News – TGIF Edition

Everyone needs to read this, whether it’s for an ultra or not: Mastering uphills and downhills for your next trail race.

Everything you need to know about skimo for runners.

New podcast! Sarah and I chat with Matt Fitzgerald about his new book How Bad Do You Want It?  We discuss sports psychology, how to train your brain into overpowering your body, prep for his first ultra, diets, buckles, and more. Check it out!

ultra s100
Final half mile at WS100 2012.

UASTF 100 mile trail championships are taking place this weekend at Rocky Raccoon 100 in Texas.  Notice the PED policy on the front page.

…while Tarawera is going on in New Zealand with Ruby Muir, Jason Schlarb, Ryan Sandes, and Mike Wardian all expected to do well. Here’s a preview from the fellas over at Ultra 168.

Ultrarunner of the Year David Laney talks Olympic Marathon Trials preparation.

Ma said his intense training regime in the Tibetan alps, a ban on long hair and dating, Chinese women’s perceived capacity for ‘eating bitterness’ and his exotic elixers of turtle blood and powdered seahorses given to his runners were behind the success…

Yeah, or it coulda been the PEDs the athletes were being forced to take.

Which ultras had the most competitive fields last year? East coasters, do you agree? Did they miss anything?

What happens when the Feds re-designate a trail as off-limits to mountain bikers?  Hard to say I’d be bummed about not having to share, but the MTB community does a lot to keep up the trails as well.  What do you think?

All of my great memories from childhood take place on Catalina Island. We had a boat moored off of the Isthmus (Two Harbors) and would jump off the boat, swim to shore, and play on the beach and trails all day. I went back a few years ago and ran much of this trail, and am determined to go back. Anyone else run on Catalina?

Ryan Hall and OTS: A cautionary tale.

Many of you don’t want to hear anything else about doping or Lance, but when someone has an opinion on it with a personal story, I’m inclined to listen up. We interviewed Camille Herron last year, and here’s her post about doping in marathons and ultras.

Love letter video to Marin County: The joy of running in a beautiful place.

Superb long form writing by David Epstein about a very curious medical situation where two drastically different women share one genetic mutation.

What happens to your body when you adapt to the cold?  I’ll be at the beach this weekend and temps will be in the low 70s. Who else will be at Ordinance 100k besides Gibstack and GR?

List: The five best all-terrain running races in the world. 

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