Ultra News – Leap Day Edition

Fake Day Ultra News

Trail Running Festivals are hot right now, and why wouldn’t they be? Running, friends, ultra chat…makes sense!  In this article, Sarah breaks down a few of the top festivals in the country. I’m curious, do other countries have these, or is it purely a domestic phenomenon?

I know many of you are using the FlipBelt, and I’m still loving mine. Now there’s a custom water bottle that fits snuggly in the pocket.  Anyone tried it yet? I just ordered one of each size and am anxious to see how they work.

She’s trained and ready for her first hundred miler and has all the requisite thoughts and fears going into it.

Feb 29 is essentially a fake day, right? Go home and head out for a run!

This Himalayan ultra just popped onto my radar. Five day stage race around Mt Everest! Wow!

Different country, different culture, different language, different trails.  But you have a bunch of runners show up for an ultra, talk about the trails, waste, and what’s next, and you have the same sport.

Been on the Elliptigo for a few days now and am hooked. Full review coming soon.

We all love lush single track, but it’s important to vary your running surface. I’d say over the past 5 years, I’m 50/50 pavement and trail. You?

I’m sure it wasn’t by Camille’s request, but this sports writer plays pretty loose with the “world’s best ultra marathoner” title, doesn’t he?

And Jill has some completely rational fears about what lies ahead for her at the Iditarod Trail Invitational. Anxious to watch how it goes!

Alright, I understand the allure of Badwater in July, but man oh man, Cory just visited the “super bloom” that’s taking place, and I’d be more inclined to run it now!

Ian’s Transgrancanaria preview.  Only domestic runners are Seth Swanson and Angie Shartel? Anyone else?  And here’s IRF’s preview, which includes Tim Tollefsen.

Here’s the URP Daily News from 4 years ago (and a few months.) Not much has changed.

Phoebe starts part one of an eating disorder dialogue.  Of course there are some in the ultra community who have serious eating disorders, but it seems more prevalent in sub-ultra distances. Right?

This guy is running a few ultras in support of modified kangaroo fertilization…or something.

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