Ultra News, Thurs, Feb 11

Ultra News From Around the World

Five excellent pieces of advice to nail your next race, whether it’s an ultra or not.

When I set arbitrary goals, I keep them. This is practice for keeping the goals in life that matter.

Come for the Nietzsche and humor, stay for Sabrina Little’s report from her (4th fastest 100 ever!) report from Rocky Raccoon.

Runner’s Face. Fine, maybe there’s not evidence yet, but it does make sense that after years of bouncing in the sun, that our skin would get a little funky, right?

There are myriad trail running camps out there, but Max is doing one for kids. Awesome.

I’d like to see this gal and the OFM crowd have lunch together.

Another runner’s brush with DVT. I remember when Amy Sproston had it a few years ago after spending a lot of time on airplanes. We talk about it in this podcast with her.  File it away in “something to be aware of.”

Something tells me this fast South African girl is going to find her way out of the squatters camp and into running success.  Wow, what a story!

NYT: Why we get running injuries, and how to prevent them.

Want to know what’s on Traci Falbo‘s playlist? Here you go.

Good rundown of the ultra athletes we’ll be seeing at the Olympic Marathon Trials.

Speaking of that, this runner ran competitively in college, burned out, took ten years off, then recently qualified for the trials at 38 years old. Awesome!

Anton has some deep thoughs–and good convo–regarding climbing (and running) media and how his attitude is affected by it.

Bulldog’s report from Ironhorse 100 and how to avoid quitting early.

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