Ultra News, Tue, Mar 29

Short news day today. Sick kid all night and lots of other URP projects to work on.

Didya catch our latest interview with Chris DeNucci? We talk about his life growing up, why he’s colon-less, how he trains, his crazy fast beer mile time…and I get to pick his brain about what types of injuries he sees most of. He’s a doc too, ya know.

The episode is sponsored by the Shadow of the Giants 50k. The race is June 11 near Yosemite National Park and put on by a guy who’s been directing races for 30 years. Yes please!

Here’s a thorough look back at running shoes and gear from the past few decades. We’ve come a long way!

This nine year old could kick your butt. I’d like to see where she is in a dozen years. Still into it?

Here’s an infograph on how online sites compare to brick and mortar stores for running shoes.  I ask some important questions about the importance and necessity of local independent stores.

Here’s a 360′ panoramic video of a trail run in the Fountainbleu Forest, just south of Paris. My browser (Safari) didn’t like the format…maybe yours will?

Here’s my latest review of the FlipBelt water bottle.  I like it a lot, but am waiting for a v2 with a larger mouth.

Leslie heads to a 10 mile trail race in Rhode Island, but makes a detour at a popular brewery on the way. Ends up winning the race and winning more beer!

Camille Herron gets some press, eleven days before her big trail debut at Lake Sonoma 50.

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