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Ultra Trail News From Around the World

After his smart run at Western and his interview here, I’ve been fascinated by Andrew Miller.  What will this young ultra phenom do next? Here he is in Competitor Magazine.

Overtraining, syndrome, Adrenal fatigue, hogwash, call it what you want.  Here’s a podcast that  discusses what is and what isn’t known about the disease/syndrome/problem.

Request: Does anyone have a good bug/mosquito repellant they recommend for long runs? I don’t care what chemicals it’s got, as I figure they’ll be healthier than Malaria.  Thanks.

Pine to Palm 100 recap: New dad Ryan Ghelfi wins is, and Tim Olson’s wife and Father-in-Law run their first 100 together.

and more ultra results from this past weekend.

Running Bear 100? A fire took out a portion of the course and it’ll be re-routed. Here are some maps with the new portion…big kudos to the organizers to adapt to the circumstances so quickly.

I don’t know what to think of this: Four Paraylympians run 1500 faster than Rio gold medalist.

Speedgoat Karl’s Appalachian Trail speed attempt update.  He’s going to have to run well, but if there’s  anyone who could tough it out, it’s Karl.

Sarah mentioned in the Dakota Jones podcast that she’s running a stage race in Hawai’i next year.  Here are some good tips for what to expect on the trails on the Big Island.

The guys at TAUR review the Hoka Speed Instinct.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Drugs, Podcasts, Media, Training Charts, and more.

Street races are a whole different beast than road races. They sound the same, but there’s something fascinating and exhilarating about watching a 1500m or 1600m run on the street.  And it looks like they’re making a comeback!

This dude was on a pretty epic hike/paraglide across Mongolia and was robbed and killed by bandits.


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