Ultra News, Tues, March 15

Ultra News Tuesday March 15

It’s springtime in the Rockies. How’s training going for these five ultra/trail folks?

Threshold training, lactate threshold…what’s what?  Marc gives a thorough lesson on how to improve your ultra/trail training.

“That’s not ski-mo,” he adds. “That’s ultra ski-mo.”

More on Schlarb and Wolf’s winter crossing of Hardrock 100..  Hope to talk with the guys after they’re done.

It’s not often that being in a wheelchair looks like fun, but this guy NAILS it. Trail-chairing?

Nitros ain’t just for draft anymore. Here are some cans and bottles gassed with the good stuff. I didn’t realize Old Chub was doing this…wow!

Quick and dirty interview with ultramama Caroline Boller.

Do you have an expensive bike? Maybe it’s not the best idea to advertise on social media where you keep it.

Many of us run with back pain. Here’s how to prevent it–and deal with it.

Some place called Stanford Medical School (never heard of it) highlights one of their ultra athletes Meghan Roche.

Devon Yanko: What it is to be a runner.  Great attitude!  Here’s our interview with her from over 4 years ago(!), and here she is from 2015.

This seems like an invention that just didn’t need to happen.  Besides, do they realize how great hard rollers are for transporting beer on vacation?

Besides new parents and proctologists, nobody is more comfortable talking about GI issues than runners. Here’s how to deal with GI issues while running.

Looking to add weights to your endurance routine? Here’s how to schedule them.

Like a lot of ultra folk, I’ve been lousy with pre-run stretching.  Here’s one page I’m using to get me back at it.


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