Ultra News, Wed, Feb 24

Ultra News for Wed, Feb 24:

Short ultra news day.

Hopefully you caught our latest podcast with Jim Walmsley. Maybe not a household name for some ultra runners, but after his fifth place at Lake Sonoma last year, he hasn’t lost a trail race since.  Now he’s heading to Western States and Sarah and I got to pick his brain about training, advice, bikes, and more. Pay attention to this guy.

How to live by simple beer and exercise rules.

Anyone have $8M to drop on a hobbit house on the trails in Ashland, Oregon?  Drop a couple 0s and it would make a splendid URP headquarters, don’t ya think?

Three steps for coming back after an injury or time off.  Here’s my predicament: After five intense Graston/ART sessions, I think most of the scar tissue is gone. I ran 5 miles last night at a decent pace and felt great.  In the past, I’ve rushed too quickly back to tough training, but this time it’s the exact opposite: I’m scared to death to push myself, in fear of discovering that I’m not healed and I’m back to square one.  You say, “Eric, take it easy and it’ll come back.”  My response: I’m lousy with moderation and self control with my running.

The overall message? Run with a positive attitude (and a good gut!) for optimal results.

And a few simple tips on getting the most out of your ultra.

Preparing your gear, kit, and calories for the intense Arrowhead 135.

Yep, seems like the type of character we should embrace on the trails and in ultra running.

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