Ultra Trail Daily News, Fri, Sep 2

Ultra Trail News – September 2, 2016

Be sure to check out our latest podcast with Tim Tollefson.  Meticulous planning and training, confidence, patient pacing and smart race execution all went into earning a third place finish at Ultra Trail Mont Blanc last weekend.  We also discuss longevity in the sport, and I run down the most popular Daily News links from the last week.

Four US states have seen their obesity rates decline in the past few years.  Guess which ones? The rest of you are just getting fatter.

The LetsRun message boards attempt to discuss Kilian’s upcoming Everest attempt, but get distracted quickly by name calling and marathon times.

Why do people say “good job” when they pass me in a race?

More on Joe Grant’s Colorado Peak-Bagging Extravaganza.

Thirty terrifying trails from around the world. Been to any of them?

I wanted to cross that finish line more than any any race in my life and I knew I had enough time. The 1 km down was a roller coaster of knowing my race was over and breaking down in tears over it and telling myself i could do it and sucking it up. I must have looked like a schizophrenic the way I was talking to myself and switching so quickly between emotions.

–Amy’s first time to Mecca Chamonix and her DNF report from CCC.

Speaking of Chamonix, here’s your Friday Funny: Runner demands full refund after hill shock.

Preview for The Rut 28k.  My money’s gotta be on Dakota right now, but I’ll be watching Strabel.

Can this 81 year old run a sub 7 mile? We’ll see tomorrow!

The Beer Mile just got a lot more interesting with cannabis-infused IPA.

More beer talk: Who’s had Focal Barger from the Alchemist? Compared to Heady, what do you think?  I’m having a blind-tasting IPA party and looking for a quality lineup.

Three day weekend! Anyone have big plans?  I’m doing back to back to back runs.

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