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A runner from Mexico (Arturo Hector Martinez) has been confirmed dead (hypothermia) by the RD of the Ultra Fiord in southern Patagonia, after a day of deleted Facebook comments and no communication from management. This race sounded shady and ill-managed last year, and this year sounds worse.  Like many int’l races, some ultra trail athletes and journalists are comped travel and entries to cover the event and I’ll be anxious to see how they portray the race.

This says we’ll be able to watch Boston online. Hope it works out.  I’m watching this from CA and it’s good.

July 18 in Colorado: This sounds like the coolest trail/beer event ever.  Teams run trails for six hours, but after every lap they can drink a (good!) beer to take time off the clock.

Sometimes I feel like I need a shirt like this at aid stations, modified for ultra trail races.  I could point to a cookie, a drink, maybe a chair.  What other symbols would it need?

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ultra trail kids
The next next generation of runners. (My 6yo daughter’s track/xc team.)

I had a horrible 10k yesterday, but got through it using some of these methods—particularly the first–in dealing with pain.

On the climb up to Hyrum’s Day Spa we saw a family of wild pigs, and on the descent of Raw Dog ridge we ran into a large pile of black snakes, which looked like a big medusa head.  I paused and thought what this would do to my mind on lap 4 or 5 at night.  We then plunged into the fresh briars guarding the lower ridge to Raw Dog Falls.  Nasty.

–Still interested in Barkeley? Here’s Starchy’s report, and here’s Jared Campbell’s. (excerpt from Jared’s.)

And here’s more on the blind woman from Canada who took on Barkeley. Awesome.

The rise of young female American distance runners. Which means some will trickle over to ultra trail races right?

Your wrist gizmo is being hacked.  Did anyone else watch 60 Minutes last night about hacking smart phones?  I sat there calmly, my “dumb” flip phone by my side…

Here’s Justin/IRF’s Week in Ultra Trail Running results from the weekend.

And here’s another one of Uncle Larry’s excellent race reports full of sarcasm, snark, and humor.

Outside Magazine: What to eat while running.

For a bit more depth into what/how to eat, here’s a great article on the diet wars.

Lame list of the day: Fourteen reasons cycling is better than running.

Speaking of cycling, looks like moto-doping is more prevalent than we thought.

Though this is a bit too geeky for me, it would be fascinating to see exactly what my DNA is saying about my nutrition and specific workouts. Anyone tried it?


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