Ultra Trail Daily News, Mon, Nov 7

Ultra Trail Daily News – Monday, November 7

Ultra trail results from this weekend, courtesy of Justin at iRunFar.

I love Mary Keitany’s attitude towards training. She doesn’t obsess on the past or her numbers, but focuses on how she feels and on the future.

There are a few changes to the Western States Endurance Course for 2017.  I understand most of them, but would need to be out there to “see” the rest. One thing’s for sure: The course records start anew this June.

ultra trail green silence
Oh yeah!

It’s always nice to come home from vacation and find THREE BRAND NEW PAIRS of Green Silences waiting for me.  Big thanks to Nathan at ultrarunningcompany.com for sending them my way. I don’t know how he finds shoes that have been out of production for 5 years and have a cult following, but he does. I’d highly recommend checking them out for your gear needs. Thanks Nathan!

Iron Mike smashes the WR for combined marathon major times.

Speaking of the NYC Marathon, what a race! Unfortunately we were able to only see part of it, as ESPN still seems to be struggling with how to use a split screen and when it’s important to cover more than just the leader.

Has anyone had PRP therapy done for lower leg work? Plantar’s Fasciitis, specifically?  (Not for me. I’ve got a friend doing it tomorrow and am interested in how/if it works.)

Interesting. The female distance runners performance enhancer: Male training partners.

The ten best outdoor towns in America, according to Trip Advisor.  Pretty good list.

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