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Camille gets honest about her first ultra trail race. What did she do right, and what went wrong…and how in the heck did she end up so dirty?

Jade jumped into her first hundred this past weekend in Zion. Here’s her report.

Hey, the trail is only 800 meters.  (But there are 2700 steps and the average grade is 60%.)

If you’re in Whistler, you can enter this RedBull race which is shorter and not as steep, but still plenty nuts.

ultra trail meltzer
Speedgoat Karl at Lake Sonoma

Well worth going back to: Pam Smith lays out the realities of sponsorships for ultra trail runners.  Speed ≠ Influence.

Science: Someone found an old study in a basement (no, really) and it turns out that, though saturated fat will increase out bad cholesterol, it won’t kill us.

Excuses only satisfy those who make them.  Yeah, this guy likes being provocative, but there’s certainly some elements of truth in there. Thoughts?

Interesting: Training in heat to prepare for altitude.

Matt’s quick n dirty interview with YiOu Wang. What a race!

Brett bonked hard at Lake Sonoma, but still set a PR. Wow!  And yep, those final 18 miles are rough!

Important stuff: Eric asks the important questions about adrenal fatigue and overtraining syndrome. When is it too much? We’ll be chatting with a top runner next week who’s fighting (what looks like) OTS right now. Stay tuned.

In the modern day marathon equivalent of Plessy vs Ferguson, Iran holds a race but only allows men…and a few women to run a separate but equal race a few hours before.  Awful.

How ultrarunners can maintain healthy relationships.

Meet Erica “La Chiva” Smith, a cool globe-trotting ultra chick from Maine.

What race are you preparing for this weekend? Are you ready?

Bummer: Michele Yates needs a hip replacement and essentially announces her retirement from ultra trail running.


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