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Whether you’re a marathoner or focusing on ultra trail events, know this: The case for the almighty long run.

I was surprised to see UTMB’s 10:1 male to female ration this year, so I asked around to see if that number jibes with domestic races.  It doesn’t.  Hardrock had a severely unbalanced ratio this year (10:1), but the race has its own method of choosing entrants.  Here’s the nitty gritty of how–and for whom–Hardrock chooses its entrants.  Good stuff from Alex Kurt.

Got a few minutes? Read about Seattle’s own Bike Batman.  Awesome!

I really really really want to go to the Dolomites.  Here’s another great story with pics.

Insanity: Seven days of running on a treadmill.  Wanna guess what record she’s going for?  Side note, I checked out her website and noticed this: “In 2014 Amy took on the mammoth challenge of running 53 marathons in 53 consecutive days in 53 different towns and cities around the UK.”  Very cool accomplishment, but it reminded me a bit of this guy:

Seven minute abs!
Seven minute abs!












A SAR dog fell off a boat, swam 6 miles to shore, then walked 12 miles back to campground.  Ta-da!

Oiselle and HOKA are teaming up for a new shoe concept, but by the looks of things, it’s just going to be a “girl colored” Clayton.  Am I missing something?

NatGeo: Why are so many BASE jumpers and wing suiters dying?  I don’t know, let me take a stab at this: Because they’re jumping off of cliffs?

Science!  Ten days without exercise makes you sto0pid.

More science!  Traditionally-cushioned running shoes pose same risk of injury as minimalist shoes. 

Yeah, I don’t know. A tram in the Grand Canyon just doesn’t sound like a good idea.  There should be some things that you have to work for.

TrumpTalksUltra gets covered by TrailRunner magazine.  The account was on a roll yesterday, even taking aim at URP, IRF, and The Ginger Runner.

Speaking of The Ginger Runner, have you checked out the Virtual Run on Nov 19.  I’m signing up today.

I recorded an excellent interview with Tim Tollefson about his 3rd place UTMB finish.  I’ll release it later this morning.

This little post by Liza really really hits home.  Short answer: Yes, there’s nothing that will affect my decision to DNF more than if my kids are at the race.  Jason Schlarb recently posted a picture of his sone Felix at the UTMB finish line, “waiting” for Dad.  He’d DNF’ed, and was taking the impact on his son a lot harder than the DNF.

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