Ultra Trail Daily News, Thurs, Sep 8

Ultra Trail News for Thursday:

Good stuff: Jason Fitzgerald from strengthrunning.com chats with Ian Sharman on his Leadville prep and digs into the numbers.  I can’t think of a more controlled and overall better pacer than Ian.

WOW: Remember this “Crown Traverse” podcast with Mike Foote last year, where he retold the story of he and Mike Wolfe’s incredible 600 mile run from Montana to Canada?  Check out this video from North Face that really shows the beauty of this adventure.  It’s mind-blowing.

Because a beer energy gel seems like a good idea, right?

This guy ran a 50k on one leg in the rain. Strange that half the article is in English, the other half in non-translated Filipino.

Science! Exercise “cancels out” the booze!

Earlier this year I ran the (vegan) Mendocino Coast 50k. Here’s a post about the area that’s pretty much guaranteed to make you sign up for next year.

Hundred mile record holder Zach Bitter quits dairy. I’m still trying to figure out what he does eat (besides avocados and calf liver.)

Duh: How swimming, biking, and running cultivate self-reliance.

Nike and Apple team up to take over the world get a new GPS doodad on your wrist.

Professional writers quickly learn one reality of the job: you have more bad days than good. It’s the rare day that the writer finds that the words come out exactly the way they were in their head. In fact, it’s usually the opposite—one is disappointed, distracted, struggling, committed but unproductive. It’s a special day when the flow is pure and uninterrupted, when one doesn’t stop somewhere short of where they’d like to be.

But exercise—especially running—is the opposite. A run is almost always good, and if you don’t take your phone, hardly ever interrupted. If you set out to run five miles and five miles is within your capabilities, you will accomplish that goal. It’s rare that one leaves their house for a run and somehow doesn’t make it back. In this way, running is predictable, dependable, satisfying and thus a counterbalance for the mercurial muses of the creative professional.

Great piece about the relationship between writing and running. 

Dakota jones interview ultra trail
New podcast!

Check out our latest podcast with Dakota Jones. Sarah and I chat with him about his tough, injury-laden 2015, his awesome bounce back this year, then his recent injury at The Rut.  We also get into race directing, sponsored athletes, pizza, literature, and the time he took apart his piano.

Who really helped inspire you to get into ultra trail running?  For me, it was the old Saturday morning group run out of Auburn Running Company with Dan Moores (RIP.)

That episode was sponsored by the verticalchallengeseries in the SF Bay Area.  Starting this month, runners will hit different distances (9.5 miles thru 50k) on three Bay Area mountains with some serious vert.  (And I’m pretty sure that’s a picture of Verity Breen running with a banana in her pocket on the front page of the site.)

Read this: Workouts should be smarter, not harder.

Science!  They’ve found the cure-all for DOMS and inflammation!  Oh wait, no they didn’t. 

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