Ultra Trail Daily News, Tue, Feb 16th

Ultra Trail Daily News – Birthday Edition

Justin at IRF just put out his Week in Running and it’s full of ultra, trail, and marathon results from around the world.  We’ve also got ourself 4 new entrants to Western States!

Speaking of the LA Marathon, Kara Goucher unloads gets really close to unloading on Alberto Salazar and Galen Rupp.  Something tells me that the entire NOP program is a few cocktails away from total and complete devastation.

It’s Tuesday, which means we’ve got a new trail video from Guillaume. This week, he’s in Pfaffenstein, Saxony (CH), close to the Czech border on some seriously cool looking trails, stairs, boulders, and walkways.  Where is everybody???

Alright, I love my dog Carlos a lot, but he’s not getting a damn FitBit, acupuncture, antidepressants, or medical marijuana.

Some quick birthday motivation for all of us that we can use in daily life, as well as ultra trail running.

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IF you’ve used the “I don’t have time” excuse, read this.  You have plenty of time, you just use it differently.

Kelsie DNFed because of a painful back. Totally get it. If you’re injured, it’s silly to keep running and risk additional time off.  Girl, I feel your pain!

Adam Kimble is going for the trans-America record, with a goal of 45 days–that’s about 69 miles each day. Every day. He started yesterday in Southern California, and you can track his live progress here.

Trail running couples share their stories. Noticeable absent: Tim and Lindsay Tollefsen, David and Megan Roche…who else? And on the flip side, here’s Sarah’s article about when and how trail and ultra running can be a threat to your relationship.

The “Millennial Generation” gets a bad rap for being lazy and entitled.  This data shows that they’re also some of the most active.

Speaking of age, I turn 41 today, but since we’re not technically adults until we’re 18, I figure I’m really more like 23, right? Right?

Just a heads up to stay the hell away from this retailer.  Anyone have a similar experience with 123Mountain?

This guy’s certainly not making any friends…but I do see his point: If you can’t run a marathon in under 6 hours, maybe you should stick to shorter events. I don’t see an ultra equivalent though.

Jeff’s report from Rocky Raccoon 50 miler.

Jason Schlarb’s report from Tarawera. Does anyone else read tracks like he does?

For everyone who mocks my love for Bud Light Lime and Coors, read this.

Know someone who just finished their first ultra, or want to treat yourself to a cool sticker? How about setting up a monthly donation to URP or grabbing a sticker for your car, bike, hoverboard, kite ski (is that a thing?) or scooter?  It’s all of you who keep this going and I appreciate every bit of support. Thanks!

Running interview with The Oatmeal’s Matt Inman.  Does anyone have contact info for him? I’d love to get him on the show.

Here’s a great profile of Nancy Hobbs.  She’s working full time to promote trail and ultrarunning in a positive manner.

And for everyone asking about Matt Flaherty’ music I’ve been using in the end of the podcasts, he just put up a soundcloud link on his website where you can download it. Awesome!

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