Ultra Trail Daily News, Tue, Feb 23

Ultra Trail Daily News

Good stuff: Michael toys with the idea of what an ultra trail 100 miler in the Olympics would look like.

Ten things this guy learned about ultras, carrying your wife, wine on the trails, and more.

If Dr. Seuss had won a Golden Ticket…

Awesome: Gu is releasing 15 serving pouches of its energy gel for those who need a bit more or less than the regular packets.

Why you should stop doing crunches. Whew! Thank god I never started!

Read this: Dang, Nathan is writing some great stuff.  Ultra Trail running can be a lazy and selfish endeavor, can’t it?  In this post, Nathan challenges us to recognize it, step aside, and do something about it.

If you’re looking to buy a “Handful” sports bra, you can choose between “No headlights white”, “Twerkoise”, and “tickled pink.”  More right this way.

Dax lists the ten things he loves about ultra trail running.  Personal note: I try to do the same thing at each race, whether I’m running or volunteering: Look around at the mix of people and try to guess who’ll finish. I’m wrong almost always.

Good race report from Orcas Island, but I’ve got one complaint: Where are all the pics??? That’s got to be one of the most scenic ultra trail races in the country!

Speaking of Orcas Island, this is how RD James reacts after a successful event.  Any other RDs do this???

Runner crush: Kara Goucher’s report from the Olympic Marathon Trials.  Good quick read.

Antelope Canyon in hiking boots, jean shorts, and drinking PBR with a funky attitude. I think Jesse Weber may be the next perfect guest for URP.

No ultra trail content: In Gaza, bicycles are a battleground for women who dare to ride.

Meanwhile, the Afghan women’s cycling team is up for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Speaking of cycling, why the decline in cycling in the US?

New podcast posting today. Stay tuned!

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