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Everything you need to know about running while pregnant…from an ultra trail running doctor.

Read this: Interview with Hillary Allen about her tragic wipeout, her present state of recovery, and her plans for 2018. 

Here’s an article in Outside about how and where Rob Krar eats in Flagstaff, but he’s probably luckiest at home. His wife Christina is an incredible cook…here’s her foodie blog.

Alright, so who gets the nod for female UROY? What male won for best trail runner of the year? What trends in the MUT media would we like to see disappear? Who do have our eyes on next year, and what trends will we see in this ridiculous sport? All these answers and more in our 2017 URP Year in Review with Sarah, Jamil, and Eric. Enjoy!

In that interview, Jamil brought up the idea of Courtney excelling at the 6day race, so I tried to look up the current record and discovered the USATF recognizes a men’s time (Joe Fejes), but nothing for women. Other stat sites seem to be outdated…Any idea who’s got it or know why the USATF doesn’t list it?

Detailed training and cross training regimen of one of XC’s best women.

Intriguing: 95% of injuries are the result of the coach. Read this article, then think about who you’re listening to (and paying) for advice.


Looking for a tough, point to point 100k with superb organization, breathtaking views, and five UTMB points? Castle Peak 100k is an iconic race in Lake Tahoe that’ll sell out, but there’s still time to register. 

Interested in climbing Everest? Here are the FAQs. I don’t know…paying $50k to climb a crowded mountain? Pass.

Apparently there’s a reality show of triathletes trying to gain entry to Kona, and since this is the second season, I’m assuming people watched the first. It’s sure be interesting to see an ultramarathon version of this, wouldn’t it? 

How to deal with those akward ultra running questions at holiday parties. In Northern California, most people reference Western (“have you run that race…I think it goes from Tahoe to Auburn?…I think it’s like 2 marathons???”), but I’m curious what races people know about in other areas of the country/world. Let me know!

Here’s Kyle’s report from CIM. Looking forward to guiding again!

Well done, USATF. Lifetime bans aren’t the answer for all instances, but in some case, they’re the only answer to ridding the sport of cheaters.

Ten awesome running shops in America.  What shops should’ve made the list?

True or false: Ice baths and antioxidants are always good for endurance athletes. CTS gets down to business right this way.

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