Ultra Trail Daily News | Wed, Jan 3

It’s a new year: Make plans, not resolutions.

Who’s had a chance to see Billy Yang’s The Why film? Are his reasons for running hundreds the same as yours? Anxious to check it out!

Couldn’t sleep last night so I clicked on the TV and caught a documentary on Clara Hughes. An Olympian in both speed skating and cycling and an advocate for mental health, I started today off with a health dose of “get your ass in gear” motivation.

Speaking of TV, did anyone else (besides, ya know, the entirety of Japan) catch the final day of the Hakone Ekiden? Great races! Hoping that next year there’ll be an English broadcast.

No ultra/trail news whatsoever, but it’s written by a runner about a service/platform many of us use: What’s the most important technology brand of our time? And hopefully it’ll put an end to these horrible things.

Hardrock Hundred adds three new members to its Board of Directors, including one who’s never run an ultramarathon. 

Rob’s feeling down on himself for a DNF, but hopefully he’ll find humor in it soon. Bleeding crotch chafage? BRUTAL.

Interesting post from David Roche on the different muscle fibers and what we can do to work out the correct types.

Here’s a unique perspective on doping from a busted cyclist: Doping is better than moto-doping because with the former, at least you’re still betting on your self. Regardless, I’d bet he’d still be cycling instead of selling gelato in Spain.

Three simple tips for winter motivation.

Eight long trails that probably aren’t crowded.

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