Ultra Trail News, Fri, Aug 26

Ultra Trail Daily News, Fri, Aug 26

My money is on Zach Miller to win Ultra Trail Mont Blanc.  Check out this video of “a day in the life” of Zach at Barr Camp, where he extols this love for splitting wood, washing dishes, and running 3-4 hours a day at altitude.

Do you have Ultra Trail Mont Blanc envy?  I actually don’t.  Yeah, I’ll geek out on watching the race (see above), but there’s aspects of the race that leave it soundly in the “nah” column for me.

Speaking of UTMB, here’s a beginner’s guide to the four races.

…and here’s the live coverage in English.

Unfortunately scheduled on the same date as the biggest ultramarathon in the world, the USATF 50k Trail Championships are tomorrow in the Marin Headlands.  Here’s a rundown of the field from our friends at Ultrarunning Magazine. I hope to see some of you out there.

The UltraSpire Speedgoat pack has an old school style to it.  Anxious to check it out.

speedgoat ultra trail lake sonoma
THIS is how you get through an aid station.

Some great footage from Leadville…from a midpack perspective.

The Himalayan 100 trip is in jeopardy, as there may to be some travel issues with the organizer.  If it doesn’t work out, I’m going to be severely disappointed.

Cute: Dating in the outdoor industry. Ever wonder if some of these vagabond professional climbers/filmmakers/writers/bloggers/producers/reps have a dating life? Geez, the ultra trail world could have its own dating show from what I know…

Not good: Part of the Bear 100 course is on fire. (Race starts one month from today.) Listener Scott reports that the fire is on the latter half of the course after the Beaver Ski Lodge (mile 75.6). The ski area appears to be out of danger.Nothing posted on the Bear 100 website as yet.   Here’s live InciWeb info and here’s a story from the SLC Trib.  Let’s hope the emergency personnel get this taken care of soon.

I think that the respect in the ultrarunning community sets it apart from other sports, so straight away I was sure to ask them how it was all going. They returned the question, and I told them that I felt good. Etiquette aside, I was now competing and didn’t want them knowing that I was starting to hurt. Once the small talk was done, I got my earphones straight back in and put the afterburners on. I wanted to make sure that I got out of sight so there was no chance of anyone chasing me down.

–UK Chris’ first race report is a good one.

Do you have post traumatic race disorder?

The ten worst beers in the world.  From our FB discussion, we’re adding Guinness Nitro IPA, Hell or Highwater Watermelon Ale, something called Taco Beer, and a few more.

LetsRun: Seven final thoughts on the Rio Olympics.

Here’s our review of the Stryd Powermeter from earlier this year, and here’s the latest version with a foot pod.

Kudos to Logan Ledford for taking care of the Wasatch trails and Trail and Ultrarunning for highliting his story.

Friendly reminder: Sunday is Go Topless Day.

So…what are YOU running this weekend?

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