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Ultra Trail News From Around the World

Ian lays out exactly why arguing about doping in the ultra trail community is like bringing up abortion at easter dinner.  It’s a very complex issue with lots of gray area where emotions run quite high.

Speaking of doping…Looking for a fun run on Saturday in LA? How about the 420 games?  Interested in the subject of how pot affects athletics? Here’s a good article.

One of the best parts of vacation is finding new places to run, right?  Reminds me of this podcast with Ben Gibbard where he talks about being on a world tour and discovering new trails where ever they played.

Interesting: Has anyone had success with cryotherapy?

Hey fellas, are you honest when you see your doctor?

On our local trails, some MTB riders were shot at.  I’ve run those trails dozens of times, so a bit scary!  Reminds me of this crazy story (read it!) that Jen Benna shared a few years ago.

Cool old video from 1973 of the Ewell 40 mile track race in the UK.  Back then, the guys would go out at 5 minute pace and hold on for dear life.

Ultrarunning Magazine covers the tire pull. Here’s my review and DIY set-up.

Flaherty teases us with a Chuckanut race report.  Anxious to read more.

Magness leaves a lot to think about in this post about whether we should push for success or settle in the black and white world of endurance sports.

How real runners train on a treadmill.  And here’s some more advice.

Site news: One fun interview to release soon (with an elite female from the NE), then recording one more today with a speedy doc from San Francisco.  Stay tuned.

What are you running this weekend? Easter Fatass anyone?

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