Ultra Trail News, Mon, Mar 7

Ultra Trail News:

Running your first ultra? Check out this video interview with Krissy Moehl and ultrarunning magazine.

Jean Pommier traveled back east to take a stab at the the Masters 50k record.  Click here to find out how it went.

Here’s my brief recap and race images from Way Too Cool 50k on Saturday.

Remember the satirical video of the guy in jean shorts drinking PBR at the ultra in Arizona. Well, some people freaked out and it jeopardized the permit for the RD.

Very cool to see that Team RWB Trail Camp will happen again! Check out Liza’s info right here.

Seattle has its ultra scene, Flagstaff is full of tough trail runners, Ashland has long been a hotbed of elites, Boulder lists many a top runner, but I can’t think of a place more stacked with top talent than Mill Valley.  Here’s the chase pack at Saturday’s Way Too Cool 50k, all part of SFRC’s regular running group. Annotations mine.

way too cool 50
Somewhere around mile 2 of Way Too Cool 50k.

Ian’s race summary and images from Transgrancanaria.

Justin/IRF run down the rest of the ultra trail results from the weekend right here.

Stagecoach (Ian Torrence RD) looks like a fun run. Here’s a quick interview with women’s champ (and all around bad add masters) Suzanna Bon.

Camille Herron wins IAU Runner of the Year.  And in other news, the IAU wins the award for the worst website design.

Want to read fifteen fantastic pieces of advice about this wacky sport of ours from someone who’s been at it a long time? Here you go.

No ultra content: Crowd-sourcing medical advice is just about as dumb as taking medical tips from Dr. Oz.

Love your maxi shoes? Here’s what you need to know.

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