Ultra Trail News, Tue, Oct 11

There’s road ultramarathons, ultra swimming, ultra trail races, and of course, ultra triathlons.  As of this writing, quintuple-Ironman-distance leader David Jepson has completed his 12 mile open water swim, his 162 mile run, and he’s got 212 miles of the bike underway.

Some people vent or deal with anger by going out and exercising hard.  Yeah, don’t. You’re increasing your chances of having a heart attack.

Winners and losers from the Great American Beer Festival.  Great idea wit the pumpkin category!

Dakota and Ethan offer tips and advice on downhill running. I’m convinced that it’s a similar skill to french braiding: You’re either born with the ability or you aren’t. Trying to learn either is futile.

Seventeen hidden spots (well, some are) in our National Parks.   Road trip!

An update on Pete Kostelnick’s transcon attempt.

Help! I’ll be gone for two weeks, which means the Daily News will lie dormant–without your help.  If you’d like to help curate the news and give your own flair to the site, please shoot me an email so I can schedule dates (Oct 19-Nov 1.)  Thanks!

More process-oriented ultra trail tips from Joe Uhan: Focus on the three Cs (Composure, Confidence, Compete), and a whole lot more.

Mario unloads on the USATF “leadership” and describes how he’d (like me) would rather see a slower and strategic race than someone break 2 hours in the marathon.

The Redbull Steeplechase was this weekend in the UK (but those trails could be mistaken for the Marin Headlands) and it’s now suddenly a race I want to add to my calendar.  Also…what’s with the term “steeplechase?”  Meredith asked the same question in reference to the Wasatch steeplechase, which is a trail race, not the track variety.  Anyone familiar with the etymology of the word?

No ultra trail content whatsoever: This article is going to make me ditch my WMD iPhone again.

Quick interview with a guy who’s on his way to completing a calendar triple crown (that’s almost 8,000 miles of hiking!)  I think I would’ve added “what do you do for a job that allows you to take a year off for hiking?”

Speaking of speed hiking, Anish just started a self-supported thru hike of the Arizona Trail. Track her here on Facebook.

If you’re running a 100k in Antarctica, it’s good to remember that if you sweat, you die.

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