Ultra Trail Running Daily News | Friday, Dec 29

Yep, I fell for it. Seems Dec 28 in Spain is El Día de los Santos Inocentes (their version of April Fool’s Day) and this gringo fell for this prank article. But still…the speculation is fun, isn’t it? What could someone like Kilian do in a road marathon–especially a Major with a couple dozen Africans leading the way? (My opinion: 2:10? No way.)

Science: Getting your injuries and niggles treated immediately has a massive effect on your recovery. It also has a massive effect on my pocketbook. 🙁

Here’s an ultra trail race in Kenya that supports a good cause (rangers fighting poachers) that also must have some beautiful and terrifying trails.

ultra trailArticle about Iron Mike Wardian that doesn’t include one single sponsor mention. That’s tough to do!

More on nutrition: Still haven’t got your free sample of S-Fuels? Click here for more info and let me know what you think.

Pro tip: It’s dangerous to take viagra before you go out on a run. Especially so if you’re also investigating Russian corruption and Putin doesn’t like you.

Make 2018 the year of maximum enthusiasm. Go get it!

These sandals are intriguing, but I can’t imagine them staying on while climbing or running.

Looking for a sales gig in the endurance field? Huge publisher looking for Director of Sales for Women’s Running. And it’s in Boulder, so there’s that…

Recent URP guest Anthony Costales (interview) signs with rabbit. Next year is going to be a heck of a year in distance and ultra trail running!

Compelling read: Have adults ruined kids’ sports?

Ladies: This sports bra was designed by a NASA engineer who is hell bent on eliminating the bounce. It’s on Kickstarter right now.

One of the quirky events that make our sport great: Report from Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing 50 miler.

There’s a generation of volunteers we consistently see working at aid stations at ultra trail races. Western has folks who’ve been there 30 years, Hardrock has their own, and spread across the country are those who may not run anymore, but they’re giving back to the community. I’d never heard of Ken Oelkers, but he seems like that type of guy our sport depends on.

Sarah looks back on 2017 and forward to her 24 hour run on Monday. Have fun!

Beers Americans no longer drink. Good riddance. (Though I’ve cut my beer consumption considerably, I’ve still got a few #1’s in the fridge for yard work.)

Well, that’s a wrap for the year! Sixty three interviews (versus 46 in 2016), 42 comprehensive gear reviews (big thanks to Ben and Jade!), 210+ Daily News digests, 1.5 million pageviews, 1.9 million audio downloads, 3 DNFs, and tons of fun. Thanks again to the sponsors and to the Patreon crew for making this all possible. It’s a lot of effort and time, but I’m appreciative of every minute of “work” I get to do. Onward to 2018!

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