Ultra Trail Running Daily News | Friday, Jan 19

Twelve trails to run or hike before they’re gone. I’ve only run one of them…you?

AJW writes about the “busy trap” that many of us find ourselves in, often hindering our ability to exercise our true passion. The timing of this article is perfect…just this week, I resigned from a Board I sat on that was causing me to spend time and energy that I can now use elsewhere.

Want to be the Sales Director for Women’s Running magazine? Bonus: You’d work in either Boulder or San Diego.

Excellent (self) analysis of Molly Huddle’s recent AR at Houston and how she paced herself throughout the race. She went out hard and held on.

Do you track your training on the trails?

Alright, for the final time. An “ultramarathon” of TV shows is about as opposite as possible from an ultramarathon as we define it.

Incredible: Steve Spence has run a sub 5 minute mile every year for forty three years straight. WOW.

Too cold out? Here are three hill workouts you can do on the treadmill.

Short news day. What did I miss? And what are you running this weekend? Anything fun?


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