Ultra Trail Running Daily News | Thurs, Mar 12

Lots of races being cancelled due to corona virus including UT Mt. Fuji, indoor track finals, one side of Everest(?), and Chuckanut (postponed.) However, USATF 50k trail champs this weekend in Auburn are still happening, TROT events in Texas are still on, the Lake Sonoma Training Run this weekend, and Rainshadow events in the PNW are still on the books. How’s the East Coast fairing?

More on cancelled events here.

Another way this is affecting the outdoor industry: Gear.

Koop: What happens when your race gets cancelled?
I remember in 2008 when Western States was cancelled due to the fire threat. I was all geared up and trained to pace my (fast) friend Eric Johnson and then at the last minute, boom, race is off. Some people took off and ran other races while many of us gathered at a friend’s house, shared running stories, drank beer, and planned our next adventures.

My approach: This will be a spring/summer season of staying close to home and getting some serious cleaning and training done.

“Nolo” beers (ugh, the name) on the rise. Tried one yet? Speaking of beers, my favorite NA brewery is blowing up like crazy.

Trail Runner Mag: Addie Bracy writes about the mental side of dealing with injury. She writes that injuries are rare for her and she’s now faced with all these issues. I’m in the “there’s something wrong with me at least half the time” camp and I think it requires a similar mindset with some added workarounds. Both equally frustrating, I’m sure, just different beasts in my opinion.

Ever been interested in running Vol State? Watch Cory Reese’s experience taking on the 500k and dealing with massive amounts of rain, sketchy foot choices, and some funny sleep deprivation.

And an entirely different video from a completely different running event in the south: Billy Yang takes us along on his trip to the Marathon Trials in Atlanta.

iRunFar: Hannah Green writes about running Hardrock while depending on other people versus running solo and how she deals with prerace jitters. Really great stuff in here that I can relate to (minus the HR finish, of course…)

Runner’s World: These are the cool Instagram accounts to follow. I’m more of a Twitter guy while Ben posts gear porn to the ‘gram.

Speaking of gear, Inov-8 launches a trail shoe with metal spikes. Only other company I’ve seen do this was Icebug. (Americans said “who?” while Scandanavians say “Yass!)

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