Ultra Trail Running Daily News | Thursday, Jan 18

The latest Mountain Outpost addresses some big issues in the ultra trail running world and offers poignant commentary on the Kelly Agnew cheating scandal. Check it out. And yeah, I finished DFL on Sunday, but there’s a story behind it that I’ll be sharing later. Great work again!

Read this: What comes first, action or motivation? And which is more important?

Interesting post on the increase of indie running stores. These stores help create a community   and home for runners and offer a much more personalized, authentic experience than run specialty chains. The focus is on a store in Austin, but a few others are mentioned, including the excellent San Francisco Running Company. (If you visit SFRC, you just may run into URP Gear Guy Ben…he works there a few times each month as the resident shoe geek.)

Tim Olson’s latest blog post about running trails in Costa Rica has me pretty excited about our vacation this summer!

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, there’s lots of movement going on with elites and sponsors. Caroline Boller is with Altra, Ellie moved to HOKA, Andy Wacker signed with NIKE, Hoka lost a fan favorite, North Face is losing a big female star, and Frosty has left Salomon for a new opportunity. 

Candice’s report from HURT and thoughts about balancing an increased work load while getting back to racing. 

Science: Yeah, chocolate isn’t a superfood, people. The chocolate industry just tricked you–and us–into believing it was healthy.

Indiana, what the heck? Warm beer??? Who are you people electing?

Did you check out our latest podcast? Sarah and I chatted with Soon-Chul Choi about growing up in the midwest, how he started running trails, what he talked to Jim Walmsley about while sitting next to him on a plane, and how in the world this midpacker from San Francisco will train for his next big adventure at UTMB. (Still figuring out recording with Skype, so my apologies for the tinny, hollow sound.)

…and stay past the close to hear Ben’s review of the new NorthFace Rob Krar shoe along with our love/hate relationship with a certain GPS/HRM watch.

Something many of us need a little help with: Speedy hill descending.

Magness on coaching: “Contrary to the common notion, the job of a coach is not to get athletes fit, it is to get them to express their fitness. Fitness is the easy part. Throw a variety of hard work at someone and fitness will soon follow. But having the ability to utilize and express that fitness on the right day takes skill.” Read more here. Good stuff.

If your path is authentic, the sacrifices and hard work will make sense.

Excellent new post by CTS about creating, maintaining, and achieving authentic goals in life.

FaceBook is f’ing with your newsfeed again. If you’d like to stay up on URP’s posts, follow these simple instructions.  Thanks!

And here we go again…more gray area in doping. Masters triathlete busted again for exogenous testosterone without a TUE.

So it sounds like the 2021 T&F World Championships in Oregon are already a mess. We’ve got over three years to make this work right…come on, people.

Interested in the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest 4.0? Check out Ben’s latest review right this way.

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