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Ultra trail women are represented well in this Outside piece about tough chicks: Emelie, Amelia, and HIlaree are all at different stages of their MUT careers and  are all exciting to watch.

And here’s another incredible woman who walked 10k miles over a couple of continents.  Great writing by NYT.

Running takes a lifetime of learning to get even close to being successful. Running 100 miles in itself is something most do not get the chance to experience and I get the option to experience that more than once while also getting to run every single day. Constant enjoyment in the process is the only thing that will continue my success in this crazy sport. The entire 21 hours was hands down one of the best things I have ever endured.

Read more about Dan Metzger’s first hundred miler at RRR100.

How to ace packing for an international race. Yep, I’m reading this, but mine has an added twist: A stage race that needs multiple bags for each day.  Anyone want to provide advice?

This claim will either blow up quickly, or live as a *unsubstantiated for years to come.  Unknown hiker beats Karl’s brand new AT record by one day, sans crew.   And unfortunately, sans any verifiable hard evidence.  More right this way.

Here’s a new interview with Speedgoat Karl.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout.

Running shoes: Ten things you should never do. Ha! I do #1 and #10 regularly.

Fun post by Katie DeSplinter/Grossman about quotes, goals, Hardrock, puking, and changing plans.  Sidenote: “Inspirational” quotes drive me crazy too, almost as much as people who say “literally” before non-literal situations.

Some sane, solid, and sober introspection from The Angry Jogger.

The three most important recovery strategies for runners…and they’re really easy.

Jill posted more pics and words from Tor des Geants.  In terms of endurance and difficulty, I can’t imagine there’s a tougher race out there.

Industry News: Keep an eye on Under Armour to make waves in the MUT space.  I don’t know much about the new President, but the company has been adding MUT-friendly execs to its ranks recently.

NorCal Ultra Trail runners: Did you sign up for the Vertical Challenge Series yet?

No ultra trail content, but I’m assuming it’ll apply to many of you: I’ve been binge watching the Primitive Technology YouTube channel and have convinced myself I could survive on my own in the wild.  (I couldn’t.)

Four things Tracey learned during her first fifty miler ultra trail race.

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