Ultra Trail Running Daily News | Tuesday, Jan 9

Marathon Investigations turns their attention to ultra guy Kelly Agnew and retroactively DQs him from Across the Years. The evidence does not look good for Kelly at all. I’m hoping there’s an explanation that we’re not seeing…

The countdown has begun. Ultrarunning Magazine‘s UROY top ten list starts with numbers 10 right this way.

Is your running in a rut? Here’s a goal: Train for a new PR in the good ol’ mile. (Somehow I think this would be a letdown for me. 4:17 ain’t happening for this 42 year old!)

Weather getting dreary in the Northern Hemisphere and looking for an awesome reprieve? Check out the Tarawera 100 (new distance this year) going on next month in New Zealand. (No financial interest in this race…I just think RD Paul is a hell of a guy and I’m living vicariously through those who get to run it!)

Mario’s Morning Shakeout.

Really interesting: Looking for a job in conservation? Here’s a list of myriad ways to get involved (and paid!)

This article about a relatively new runner taking on a hundred mile trail ultra in Alaska got me thinking. She describes herself as an “adrenaline Junkie” and I’ve heard that description before for people who participate in our silly sport, but is it really accurate? Aside from the starting line and finish line, does trail running give you an adrenaline boost, or is that term more appropriate for BASE jumping and other high-risk activities. Of course this is all semantics, but I’m curious if you agree with her (and others) description of our sport.

Excellent article on pain management and what we can learn from it as it relates to ultra trail running. Read it.

Somewhat related, and equally important to your success on the trails or tarmac: The negative impact of outside stresses on your running.

If a coach trains a team of 10 runners all the same, why do some perform better than others? Genetics, individual makeup, of course, but now what? What actually causes those different outcomes? 

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