Ultra and Trail Running Daily News | Wed, Dec 20


Interesting and detailed study: Taking a fast high school runner and turning him into a 2:16 marathoner.

Things that ten pro runners are probably not inclined to say. What could the MUT world add to this?

“They don’t have to like it, but they have to do it with me.”

This VC guy from Hong Kong has the ultrarunning bug, but I’m afraid with attitude like this, his kids won’t see its appeal.

Not a lot of ultra or trail news today, so I’ll share with you a neat talk I had yesterday. There’s a mom at my kids’ school who I’ve got to know, and we started talking about holiday plans and what we’ve got going for 2018, and she mentioned they’ve got a gaming convention they’re “training” for. I immediately bristled, as I’d never considered or heard of anyone doing anything like this, but appreciate playing games just like she likes casually jogging. Our conversation went on and I asked more questions about the event, and she asked about my 24 hour race, which is coincidentally the same week. She and her husband get together with other gamers and train on the five randomly selected games (a mix of electronic, card, and board games as far as I understand) they’ll be playing at the conference, they talk training, strategy, top players, and yes, even gear. We talked about the process of training, the scheduled time away from family, the strange solitude you have with other competitors, and ultimately the ridiculousness of it all. We were each shocked to learn that there are sponsored participants and that people actually make a living doing these! We both came away learning a lot about each others activities and laughed at the similarities of these seemingly diametrically opposed sports.  

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