Ultra Trail Running Daily News | Wed, Dec 27

Get ready for EOY ultra trail listicles: The five most important health lessons from 2017.

CTS’ biggest ultra trail endurance takeaways from 2017. Great stuff as always.

And these may be the biggest fitness trends for 2018. My addition? I think we’ll see a large increase and acceptance of cannabis use on the trails. Yay!

Here’s an interesting list of major changes to the sport of running. What would you add to a list of ultra trail changes over the past 30 years?

Who would you give the FKTOY award to? Consider all the amazing adventures this year.

Astute listener Ben pointed out a name that Sarah, Jamil, and I all missed in our EOY-palooza. Katelyn Gerbin (interview) had one helluva year and I’d put money on her for 2018.

This should certainly be considered for nomination: Christof’s unsupported FKT of the 165M Ozark Highlands Trail. Great report includes tips on how to beat it and what it co$t him per mile.

Know your forefathers: Nick Marshall’s induction into the ultra hall of fame.

The Trail Sisters write about their holiday running traditions. What are yours? We’ve done a “12 K’s of Chrismas” each year (though sadly I missed this year) where runners consume a xmas themed treat (nog, ham, candy cane, gingerbread) each 1k.

Don’t be an idiot like me and get injured in the winter. (All healed up from last year’s injury/surgery and learned a big lesson.)

It looks like Ironman is reserving special spots for elite women, but I’m not versed enough in the intricacies of the sport to figure out the major change. Can anyone explain it to me in Kindergarten terms?

What the hell, Oregon? Guy out for a run robs a coffee stand?

John Kelly’s report from Lookout Mountain 50 miler. Dude’s had quite a year!

Interesting and cool: This bike path is paved with used toilet paper.

This guy just hit 100k lifetime miles. I’d like to know more…biggest month, longest downtime, stretching regiment, etc. Here’s some data on other runners who’ve hit that milestone.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Running books and a social media sabbatical.

Her boyfriend told her that his planned motorcycle trip would be too dangerous for her, so she sold her stuff, dumped him, and rode across the country by herself.

This is what nobody needs for Christmas: A case of 99 PBRs. Canada, you’ve disappointed me.

The must-watch ultra trail running films from 2017. Add this one to the list: Derrick Lytle’s coverage of an Altra employee completing the Triple Crown of 200s.

More on the footstrike hemolysis I linked to last week. Interesting stuff for sure.

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