Ultra Trail Running Daily News | Wed, Jan 17

The 268 mile Montane Spine Race is underway in the UK with live updates right this way. URP guest Gavin Woody is running it…the dude just can’t get enough ultra adventures!

This story reminds me of when restrictions were considered for groups of runners in the Grand Canyon. Individuals were fine, but groups would be verboten. In this instance, photographers can use whatever equipment they’d like to on the trails in Zion NP, but if they’re part of a group, the restrictions start to kick in. Pro photogs: Does this make sense?

Speaking of National Parks, let’s talk about trail running in Yosemite. Lots of great info.

Releasing new episode today with a mid packer who’s name just got drawn for UTMB. Did I mention he used to train mine-detecting dolphins and has given himself a Vegas-inspired moniker? At the interview, Gear Guy Ben gives us the beta on the new Rob Krar shoe from The North Face that has a very very unique “selling point.” Stay tuned.

If you’re running Leadville, I’d recommend following along with Wyatt’s journey to his 6th buckle at the storied race. He knows his stuff.

What’s it like running while high? Is it any more “helpful” than ibuprofen, caffeine, and using a pacer?

So more people bought Steph Curry jerseys than they did for Kobe, Lebron, or any other player. In light of the current UROY countdown, which MUT “stars” jerseys would sell the best?

Ten unique ways people enjoy coffee around the world.

Slow news day today! What did I miss?

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