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And BOOM. Just like that, voting for UROY became a lot less interesting.  The ultra trail game has changed.  Here’s Jim Walmsley’s Strava data from yesterday, and here’s a synopsis from Nico Barraza at Competitor:  “He shattered the previous (Rim to Rim to Rim) Fastest Known Time set by Rob Krar (6:21:47) in 2013. That means he averaged 8:27 per mile over a trail route that includes more than 20,000 feet of vertical change, including a 5,000-foot ascent over the final 7 miles to the finish at the South Rim.”

Interesting: When religion and fitness unite.

Hey! A pretty good list: The 20 best colleges for hikers trail runners.

Good perspective: Rethinking the DNF…Did Not Fail.

OK, in the wake of the “road vs/and trail” conversation, this type of discussion seems far less likely to happen with the trail crowd.  Am I right, or totally in my own world? I like running trails and road equally, and not just for the terrain: They each have distinct feels, and that’s what has drawn me to this ridiculous sport for the past 25 years.

Be sure to check out our latest podcast with Dylan Bowman, where we talk about his Ultra Trail Mt Fuji race, the Japanese running culture, how he scored a sweet sponsorship with Red Bull, and why it isn’t smart for public figures to jump into the political debates.

That episode was sponsored by the Broken Arrow Skyrace. You heard a lot about it last year, now’s the chance to sign up.   June 16-17th in Squaw Valley.  Site right here and video right here.

…and after my gig last year as the finish line announcer at Broken Arrow, I have a new respect for the attention and endurance that job requires!  Here’s a (surprisingly good) interview with the guy who covers the Ironman World Champs in Kona.  Favorite quote: I love success stories in any way, shape, or form. When somebody goes through all kinds of trials and tribulations to get there, that’s what makes me teary-eyed, because they persevered and they pushed through the bad times to get to the good.

With few exceptions, domestic ultra trail races have been sponsored by shoe and apparel companies, and large road marathons sponsored by financial institutions.  That changed when an India-based tech company became the title sponsor of the NYC Marathon. Will other non-MUT companies take an interest in our world, based on the success of the TCS sponsorship?

And something that DBo mentioned in the interview was that he’d been training more consistently than ever.  Here, David Roche explains the importance and how it can improve your trail and ultra game.

Here’s a new 100 mile stage race in Revelstoke, BC. Looks gorgeous.  I’m anxious to get my first stage race behind me, then assess whether or not the format is for me.

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