Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, Aug 21

Koop just finished Leadville in 8th place, a full three hours better than he ran it ten years ago. So how’d he leverage his age to work in his favor? Great stuff about how experience trumps age in an ultramarathon.

Each person has their own reason for not drinking alchohol. Maybe it’s temporary or maybe it’s a permanent lifestyle change. The good news is that the NA craft brew scene is on the rise! (And I’ll challenge any of you to pick out the “real” beer from the NA varieties, specifically the Run Wild IPA.)

Female Virginia trail runners…be on the lookout and be careful.

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San Juan Running Camp with Sarah Lavender Smith

“During each day, you’ll get to run and hike on trails that crisscross part of the Hardrock course, and then chill out at the hut in the afternoons and evenings. Sarah and her co-guide will coach a variety of techniques over technical terrain, and she’ll also give clinics on topics such as safety and refueling and hydration. “
Interested in joining Sarah Lavender Smith for a running adventure in the San Juans? More info right this way…camp is in late September.

UTMB Men’s Preview. Kilian, Jim, Tim, Zach, and more. 

I’m not sure this couple’s plan for UTMB is a good one.

A physical therapists’ take on running mechanics.

I’m never a fan of more rules and regulations, but it sure sounds like Mont Blanc has its share of ill-prepared wankers this year. What to do?

Very cool: The first annual Empire State Triad is complete with 3 races that consisted of

40 miler – Many On The Genny
50 miler Cayuga Trails (usatf championshiop)
60+ miler Twisted Branch Trail Run 100k

2 women finished
4 men

Female champ Lizzy Hughes from Ontario Canada
Male champ Scott Parr from Rochester NY

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