Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Sep 14

Run Rabbit Run Ultramarathon starts today in Colorado and the list of rules is reasonable and pretty damn funny.  Live tracking will be right here. Michele Yates, Charlie Ware, Seth Swanson, Alissa St Laurent, Bob Shebest, Jenn Shelton, Brandon Stapanowich, Schlarb, Emma Roca, Rivers Puzey, Kyle Pietari, Anita Ortiz, Nikki Kimball, Jesse Haynes, Mark Hammond, Meredith Edwards, and Bronco Billy all caught my eye on my cursory look. Who else should we add to the watch list?

Gabi has a great perspective on her 100 mile DNF at Pine to Palm.

Patreon supporters had a new episode drop into their players yesterday with the latest edition of the URP Daily News Briefing. I discussed DBo’s awesome run in the Alps, my take on body acceptance, why we need to do more hard things, and more.

Looking for a fun run in a few weeks with a pretty awesome history and pedigree? The Overlook Endurance Run is on Sept 29 and starts in Foresthill (mile 60 of WS100) and runs along the storied course, crosses Rucky Chucky river crossing, runs over No Hands Bridge, and finishes at the Auburn Dam(n) Overlook. Point to point, 25k, 50k, and 50M options created by Ann Trason (who’ll be there running and volunteering.) This will also be Camille Herron’s first race back after injury, Sally McRae is in for the 50k, plus there are tritip burritos and beer at the finish. And hey, yours truly is the finish line announcer.

Interesting: Anyone tried one of these ketone drinks?

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve learned on YouTube? I’d say mine was extracting a catheter from my urethra or braiding hair. Close tie.  Brendan’s take is right this way.

Ever wanted to get a bunch of your running friends, dress up as nuns, and carry a full keg up a steep pitch then run back down again? If you filmed it and dubbed in some Benny Hill, then you’re in luck!

AJW takes interest in 200s and hints that we may see him toe the line sometime soon.

I had an awesome talk with first US finisher at UTMB Chris Hammes yesterday. Great guy, smart runner, and a whole lot of potential…stay tuned. I’ll release it today.

No ultramarathon content whatsoever, but here’s a fascinating story about a family in arctic Russia that was cut off from society for 40 years and was unaware of WW2.

Here’s a first-timer’s account of the craziness that is Tor des Geants.

And if you’re into that type of race, be sure to listen to our interview with Nick De la Rosa (ne Hollon) about his incredible 2nd place finish and mind-blowing hallucinations during the event.

World’s oldest brewery (13,000 years old!) discovered in Israel.

Out of 500 interview requests, I’m proud (I guess?) to say that I’ve only been denied 2 1/2 times. Once, by Flea. The other, by the amazing Sue Johnston.  Matt Hart gets the interview with this incredible pioneer/adventurer/runner right here.

I’m a few months late with this obit, but holy cow, what an awesome life this guy led. Didn’t start running until hid mid 60s!

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