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Ahoy! Add this to the list of things that top ultramarathon and trail runners do differently than the rests of us: Take time to get ready and prepare for a workout.

Woman breaks overall speed record on a bike (184mph!) on the Utah salt flats. I’m not sure what I expected the bike to look like, but it was more high-tech and aerodynamic than what she rode. 

Dude. You’re running for public office and call yourself as a military veteran…don’t be a hornswaggle and cheat your way into Boston.

As the crew, as a spectator, as a pacer, our job is to support. That’s it. It’s not our race. It’s the runner’s. There is definitely a line to walk in pushing your runner when the mental barriers are too strong, to keep them going when we know they can. But there is also a time when we must let the runner decide what’s best for them, for that day and their future and in that decision, to still be their biggest fan. How do we strike that balance?

How to be a good crew/pacer and support your runner. Read this, folks.

I may not always catch her literary and philosophical references, but Sabrina Little is my favorite writer/runner out there and this piece about the individual self vs the running community is no exception. Great read and so true. 

You can’t always make lemonade from lemons: How ultramarathon running is not a cure all for mental health issues.

Pirate ultramarathon

New interview coming soon: Josh toed the line at Pine to Palm four times over the past six years and DNFed each attempt. Then two weeks ago, he lined up and made it to the finish line. We’ll find out how he did it. Stay tuned for an inspiring episode.

Avast ye! If you’re running trails in the PNW and see helicopters carrying mountain goats off hilltops, fear not. It’s not your fatigue or your eyes or your edibles. It’s this.

So how do we get more kids, more women, more people involved in this stupid sport? Forcing them in (either by overly-enthusiastic parents or by quotas) is not the answer, and I find the divisiveness popular with some millennials to be counterproductive at best. I’m not going to mention her name out of respect for privacy–and primarily because she did this completely under the radar–but Sunny received a wholly unexpected letter from someone (an uber-elite woman) Monday congratulating on her running and encouraging her love for adventure. Sunny beamed and told all of her friends about the letter and now more of her friends want to hit the trails with us this weekend. It’s a tiny gesture that creates small waves, but those turn into bigger waves, right? These are the things that stick with kids (and hell, adults!) for the long run. Real life super heroes (and pirates) exist and have incredible powers for real change.

Discussing an issue that has no real answer: Who is the GOAT? Toni Reavis argues that it’s not Kipchoge.

While Mario argues that it is Kipchoge and Michael Joyner posits that the new WR serves as harbinger for even faster times in the near future.

Blimey, the Irish Dean Karnazes runs 32 marathons in 16 days in each of Ireland’s sixteen counties.

More endurance madness: Ashley Horner was giving it the ol heave ho and attempting to complete 50 Ironman-distance triathlons in fifty days, but she’s called it quits after a medical scare and decided to walk the plank. Here’s the story, and be sure to pay attention to the detail that many of you/us likely skipped over:

She received intravenous fluids for six hours, then left the ER, sent Viada the results of her blood test, ate a pizza, and got a full night of sleep.

And now that my search for my favorite beer has ended, perhaps finding the best pizza is the next logical challenge. Fine, the West Coast may get the majority of the MUT media, but we’re apparently wallowing in sh*tty, subpar pizza.

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