Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily New | Monday, June 4

Justin/IRF do a great job of running down the ultramarathon and trail running results from this weekend. My quick thoughts:

  • I love this clip from the finish of Golden Gate Dirty 30. No hand holding, just unadulterated competition with a hug at the finish.
  • Cool seeing Patrick Caron (interview here) on the podium for the Cranmore Mountain Race. Now we’ve got to get this kid to line up against some other top competition out west.
  • Rob Krar seems to be lining up more recently. Great to see him back!
  • Camille’s scratch from Comrades is a bummer. Anyone know what’s wrong with her? (I’m blocked from her social media.)
  • I’m going to add Catrin Jones to the list. She won Gary Robbins’ Whistler Half Marathon and has a nine month old baby. Incredible.

This piece by Steve Magness is from two years ago, but definitely worth a read: If you’re obsessed with recovery days or recovery tools, you’re probably doing something wrong.

The oldest trail race in the country also has a scoring/timing system unique to the race. Here are the top 16 runners for this weekends’ event. Could 60yo Diana Fitzpatrick upset 32 yo Alex Varner? Very possible.

The UK’s version of Vol State (albeit with a bit more historical significance) finally has a finisher. Speaking of Vol State, this interview with Alan Abbs is still one of my favorites.

Perspective: I dunno, Ellie, I don’t think most people would consider running for four hours as “unproductive.” Or maybe that’s just the perspective from a runner? I guess my wife considers long runs as “not doing anything” while I think it’s about the most productive thing I could do, both physically and emotionally. Thoughts?

Excellent report from Amy’s race at the Trail Running World Championships. Not the race she wanted, but she took in the experience and grew.

The logistics and safety of swimming across the Pacific Ocean: Sharks, mind fatigue, trash.

What happens when you’re racing a marathon and the race is stopped for 15 minutes due to a kidnapping/gunfight? San Diego runners found out this past weekend.

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