Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Friday, April 6

Heading to Mexico City and need ideas for some trail runs? Hilary’s on it.

Why do people hate ultramarathon runners? The lets run MENSA team is on it.

Anyone running American River 50 (list here) better be ready for rain and mud. It’s been raining here all night and isn’t supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon.

You don’t have to have ever run an ultramarathon to be a fan of the sport: Bryon’s ode to Dooper right this way.

Science! Take a minute and respond to this quick questionnaire.  The study is called the Sources of Nutrition Information in ultra Runners (SNIKR Study), and we will be examining the relationships between nutrition knowledge in ultramarathon runners and common sources of nutrition information. 

Read this: A quick story about one of the most awesome adventurers to walk the earth: Aloha Wanderwell.

This guy takes twice as many steps as an average height person to run a marathon. Good on him!

Have you been bit by a dog on a run? Get it checked out. 

If you liked hearing Rob Goyen’s story on this episode, then this update will make sense. I love his attitude.

AJW’s a bit excited about Western States this year. He runs down the Golden Ticket holders in this edition of his Tap Room. Out of that list, my money will be on Freriks and Dauwalter.

Cinco de Skimo in Mammoth Mountain.

How important is that medal or buckle?

I ran 4 miles in the pouring rain this morning pondering this question posed to me by my 6yo son, Van: “Dad, can tornadoes kill sharks?”  
After solving most of the world’s problems on my runs over the past few decades, this query still has me confused.

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