Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Mon, Dec 2

IRF/Mock: All the results from the trail and ultramarathon events held this past week. Hot takes:
-Cody takes down Francois at UTCT! Wow!
-Nice to see Seth Swanson still getting it done.
-Beth Pascall caps off her incredible year and wins Cape Town by over an hour!
-Chikara Omine runs 15:36 at 5k Turkey Trot. Chikara will run any distance and do well…he’s incredible well balanced and talented. Any other ultra folks do well at a Turkey Trot this year?
-CIM preview. Thanks for including that Justin! Ailsa MacDonald, Lindsay Tollefson, Max King, Patrick Smyth…more MUT folks hitting the pavement for 26.2. I’ll be (t)here watching and tweeting. Looking like the weather may break for Sunday.
Looking for full results from Quad Dipsea. Anyone got a list? Full results from Quad Dipsea. Thanks.

Avoid the FOMO and get your name in the hat for next year’s Lake Sonoma 50. Lottery opened up yesterday and you don’t want to miss out on the most competitive 50 miler in the country.

Group goes after “dirty blonde” ale as sexist and misogynistic. Glad to see the brewery won’t cowtow to this silly outrage.

What I learned from this: 1) Ultra hula-hooping is a thing. 2) Four days is a crazy long time. 3)You can’t drop the hoop or you’r DQed. Isn’t that like saying if you fall while running you’re a DNF?

Treeline Journal: Chase writes about cigarettes, addiction, and how it all led to MUT success.

Full results from the hyper competitive Fukuoka Marathon in Japan. Yuki runs a casual 2:12 for 12th place. Men’s race only, no female results.

Why breweries are making non-alcoholic craft beer.

On that, I made it through Thanksgiving with little problem. Took my NA beers to my parent’s house and felt right at place with no desire to drink alcohol. Then yesterday, I went to the movies with some friends (first time in a “real” movie theatre in years) to see Ford vs Ferrari and watching the characters drink whiskey made me really want to feel that burn and have a few fingers. I didn’t, but it’s weird what triggers that desire.

Canadian Running: Easy flowchart to determine whether you’ll get into Western States Endurance Run.

“I saw it online”…”I saw a study that said”…”I read from a PhD that…” Another example of why you should be skeptical of academic studies and people who think too much: Endurance running is a cult.

PEDs: I don’t have an answer or strong opinion about what should happen to minors when they test positive. Definitely go after the handlers, but what do you do with the athletes?

Cool race report from the top woman at Tunnel Hill 100 miler. Probably best that she didn’t know who Connie Gardner was. I’ve gotta believe it’s pretty intimidating to pass someone like that!

New episode dropping this morning. Stay tuned!

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