Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Mon, May 16

This Week in Running: Justin Mock from iRunFar takes us on a tour of all the ultramarathon and trail running results from around the world. My hot takes:

  • Ragna Debats gets airlifted out of a trail race in Spain. Hops she’s OK. Twenty six stitches is a lot!
  • Sanya Sorokin holds the 100k, 100M, 12hr and 24hr World Records AND he runs a mid 15 minute 5k. Dang.
  • Poland’s Patrycja Bereznowska breaks a 12yr old record with a new mark in the 48 hour race. She’s the first woman to run over 400k (that’s 250 miles) to do so.
  • So many cool events this past weekend, check it out.
  • How’d I miss that paddling event in Washington?!?

Ageless: Bronco Billy attempt the 2x R2R2R in the Grand Canyon and luckily Derrick Lytle was there to capture the whole thing.

Wow! Pennsylvania high schooler Gary Martin runs a 3:57 mile in a high school meet with no rabbit. (That mark bested Jim Ryun’s 57 year old record.)

Speaking of high school, sophomore Abigail Dennis did this over the weekend:

Trainright/Malcolm: Corrine Malcolm writes about returning to training and racing fifteen months after breaking her pelvis.

A beautiful and simple short film about trail running and…pesto.

Weighted vest treadmill hike/run with increasing vert. Yep, sounds like a Goggins wet dream alright.

Broken Arrow Skyrace is in one month. You ready?

Any chance there are other paddlers in Sarasota Florida who’ll be doing the “Last Paddler Standing” event in December? Here’s the info for the race. I’m hoping to borrow a board when I’m there and am open to leads. Thanks.

The BBC offers two smart and civil sides to the trans athletes discussion.

Kevin Beck writes about the loss and significance of journalist/runner/author Kenny Moore.

DQed in Zim: Can anyone explain what a “license number” is? It better be pretty important!

An old school trail race and old school blog post about the Soapstone Mountain Trail Race in Connecticut.

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