Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Mon, Oct 7

You heard me talking about it earlier this year, now here’s the story and pics from the Transelkirks Run in Canada. Dubbed “Summer Camp for Adults”, it’s the brainchild of Jacob and Amy Puzey and looks like a whole hell of a lot of fun.

IRF/AJW: Some thoughts on pacers. I haven’t read through all the comments, but to me it’s simple: Charge pacers a fee, and we’ll see how “necessary” they really are.
Tangentially, crews at ultra have been increasing recently, adding to the congestion at aid stations and on access roads. Ultra Trail Andorra had a neat solution…In the SWAG bag runners received at pickup, there were two logo’d rubber bracelets. The runner gave those to his/her crew and only those with bracelets could enter the aid station area. Good solution.

Runner’s World: The OUREA trail ultramarathon in France seems to not have got the memo that mens and women’s races and prizes should be equal.

Cyclist: The best forgotten cycling fashion trends. Anyone want to take a crack at old trail running fashion trends? From flannels to holy shirts to spandex, long shorts, short shorts, beards, flipped visors, neon colors and jerseys covered in multiple brand names, we’ve seen a lot.

Speaking of cycling, if you’re a bike mechanic looking for a FT gig in San Diego, this may be the job for you.

Women’s Running: The real effect of what doped athletes do to clean athletes’ careers.

What’s the difference between an Imperial IPA and a Double IPA? Come on, gimme some long, complex answer. Wrong.

Are women closing the gender gap in trail running? While women are undoubtedly improving times and hitting overall podiums at some events, is it really appropriate or wise to build up a scenario where we’re comparing females to male runners on a large scale? I don’t think so.

Speaking of women, here’s the latest installment of Ultrarunning History focusing on perennial underachiever nuclear scientist and women’s running pioneer Ruth Anderson who didn’t start running until she was in her 40s.

While I’m a fan of CBD oils, this $120 infused athleisure sports bra seems a bit…over the top.

Releasing new episode today with Trail Sister Jessica about how she lost, then found, her running mojo. Stay tuned.

Wind Cave National Park in SD has some nice looking trails and one of the longest cave systems in the world. But does anyone else get uneasy in underground caves? I’m not generally claustrophobic, but if I can’t see a clear way out of a cave, I start to panic.

Are. you living and running with a Vitamin B12 deficiency? Here’s the story of an ultrarunner who finally figured what had been causing her so much fatigue and pain.

Kevin Beck: What has a bigger effect on running records, EPO or shoe technology? Interesting data, what are your thoughts?

If there’s a story from Doha besides the heat and the (lack of) fans, it’s the women’s races were fireworks! Alison Wade has the final installation of results and analysis right this way, along with her commentary regarding AlSal and NOP.

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