Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Monday, May 21

Justin/IRF run down the weekend’s top ultramarathon and trail results from around the world. Quick thoughts:

  • I’d missed the news that Ironman had acquired Ultra Trail Australia. Certainly an interesting move that’s hopefully not a harbinger of more to come.
  • Kaci! Ah, so that’s how you’re supposed to come back from injury…with patience!…and apparently it works! Great to see her back on top.
  • Euro tie. Meh.
  • Interested in learning more about Lee Connor, the female champ at Cruel Jewel. What’s her story?

Another runner at Silver State was Logan Williams, a 23 yo guy from Boulder who’s been hooked on ultramarathons since last year. In this post, he writes about the triple threat of injury, eating disorders, and a competitive mindset, and the inevitable catch 22 of the combination of all three.  Logan addresses the commonly held stigma that athletes, primarily male athletes, have it all “figured out,” and in turn don’t suffer from mental illness or eating disorders. Good post that I know will hit home with many of you.

Racing to run a certain time is the equivalent of trying to play a game of H-O-R-S-E during a 5 vs 5 basketball game. You can do it, but most likely will lose the day’s contest even though you won your “game.”

Why the focus should be on strategy instead of time.

…And use Meghan’s mantra of Fun, Food, Fast Feet that she writes about in this excellent recap from her Lake Sonoma finish.

Rock shrine ultramarathon trail running
A small shrine of painted rocks I found on our trail run on Saturday. All had running mantras on them.

Krista Olson and her dad Bob (Timothy Olson’s wife and father in law, respectively), run their first hundred together at Pine to Palm and it’s turned into a short film. Very well done!

Biker killed by mountain lion outside of Seattle. Be safe out there.

Wedged in between his Boston Marathon win and another run at Stockholm Marathon in a few weeks, Kawauchi threw down a CR and bested 2nd place by 30 minutes in a 70k ultramarathon this weekend. Of course he did.

Without knowing any more info (race rules?), I definitely see this guy’s point, but it also makes him look like a sore loser. Interested to see what officials decide. What do you think?

Having set goals that I knew were in my control made the difference between failure and success and how I felt about the outcome. I nailed the nutrition, I had fun, and sometimes I had fast feet. I finished with gratitude, and had a wonderful afternoon hanging out with friends and cheering on the next finishers.

Strava data/map leads to arrest of some cyclist who smacked another on the head and make him crash.

Sending out some special packages to Patrons this week. You know when you find something that’s strange, but it works for you on the trails? That’s what led me to buy a bunch of these for you folks who make this all possible. Stay tuned.

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