Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News, Thurs, Feb 2

Ultramarathon News for Thursday, Feb 2

Your inspiration for Thursday: Seven awesome finish kicks in running. Yes, Dave Wottle is on the list, but no Obea Moore?  Who’s got the strongest finish in trail ultras?  Any WS geeks know who has the fastest Hwy 49 to finish time?

Six grippy shoes for trail running. What else would you add to this list?  I’d have something from IceBug for sure, (especially for a European audience….anything else?

The close ties between exercise and beer.  It’s not just you…it’s science!

I’m assuming beer had something to do with this guy’s decision to try to beat a race horse.  Yeah, he pulled that hammie.

I’ll be at Fleet Feet Sacramento tonight watching Ethan Newberry’s movie A Decade On.  Hope to see some of you there. I’ll be on crutches.

I’ve renamed the Five Questions portion of the site Toeing the Line.  I’ll highlight one person each week who’s not an elite and isn’t a guest on the show, but just someone I chose at random and want to hear more about. We have an awesome community and I love hearing your stories! First up, Kim Russell from SC, a physician and mother of three who’s in striking distance from toeing the line at Western this year.

I’m planning an adventure run on the Lost Coast this summer. Anyone interested? Let me know. Maybe early June?

A quick essay on what makes strong people different than the rest of the world.  What do they do differently that helps them adapt and persevere? Learned trait or inherent to them? Thoughts?

Here are the most popular songs to work out to, according to Spotify. Nope, nope, sorry, rubbish, nope, nope.

Changing the face of National Parks.  Whatever the reasons for the historic under-representation, it’s great to see this movement!

The guys at Spike Free have had to make another run of SFuel bars! Interested in learning more about the sugar-free bar that works to prevent the dreaded spike and bonk.  Click here for a free sample box.

Russian doping program included bobsledders, race walkers, javelin throwers, and those bat-shiat crazy dudes who do the skeleton.  I figured they were all wasted anyway.

Stay tuned for a super fun episode we recorded yesterday with Hillary Allen. We talk chemistry, fun, competition, adventure, rest, stouts, and tons of laughter.  I’ll release it later today.

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