Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Thursday, May 24

ABC covers an “extreme ultramarathon” runner who’s tackling a simple marathon across the world’s deepest lake on the frozen tundra in Russia. Good stories about some of her past adventures.

Blisters: A 9 step plan for trail runners.

Ever wondered what an average day looked like on a multi-day trek? Right here.

CBD-infused beer (from San Francisco, of course) is verboten according to the government because of some dumb list of pre-approved ingredients. Remind me again why it’s the government’s business if they use “non-traditional” ingredients…

In a harsh if unintended indictment of the sport’s inability to successfully market itself, there isn’t a single athlete from track and field or road running on ESPN’s annual list of the 100 most famous athletes in sports. There are, however, 10 cricket players, two table tennis players and one badminton player.

In a companion piece for ESPNW, track and field and road running went 0-for-25 in this list of the 25 the world’s most famous women athletes.

Ken Goe weighs in on running/T&F’s position in the wider athletic scene.

A few theories about what happened during the cougar attack in Seattle last week.

Two years ago we interviewed Brad Dains about the midwest ultramarathon/trail scene and his run at the Booneville Backroads Ultra. Here’s a film about the race...it does a great job of showing the terrain, participants, and overall scene. Race is this weekend and I may be signing up for 2019…looks like a great event. (One minor request to the RD: Include the city/state prominently on the website so out of towners and media know where it is.)

Releasing episode today with Cruel Jewel champ Lee Conner. Stay tuned.

Cool video from Salomon’s trail running camp.

Do you take supplements? Any idea what you’re doing?

Throwback synchroblog: Lord Balls writes about the history of using pacers at Western States. (I’d love to see the re-emergence of synchroblogs…anyone interested?)

Lazslo Tabori, the third man ever to break 4 and a popular T&F coach died this week. 

Pretty nice Stravart (is that a word?) commemorating the bombing victims in the UK.

The struggles of establishing a long trail route across the Great Plains. 

I’d never heard of this race, but whoa, I’m intrigued: The Hardcore 100 in the Philippines has 37k’ of vert, some beautiful terrain, simple logistics, and is a qualifier for both Western States and Hardrock. It appeals to me especially because the max altitude is around 7k feet. The winner this year finished in 29:xx hours. Anyone run it? 

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