Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tue, Dec 11

Trailrunner: Coche Roche writes about the near inevitability of running injuries and the tactics for fighting back. Nice new visual format for the site!

iRunFar: Bryon Powell writes about the pursuit of marginal gains in fitness and what we can do to get better. Good, easy advice.

Podium Runner: And talk about longevity…this guy just broke the WR for longest time between sub 3 hour marathons. Iain Mickle ran his first in 1977 then did so again this past weekend with a comfortable 2:42 at CIM. WOW.

PNW runners: Looks like you’ve got company in the forests again. BIGFOOT SIGHTING!

So I’m sure a bunch of people will call me out for being a hypocritical arsehole, but I’ll say this. Right now if you’re not wearing these shoes and you’re not sponsored by someone else, then you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. 

-Robbie Britton hasn’t been quiet about his disdain for Nike, so why’s he wearing swooshes at his races? More here.

Beer: Fourteen brewers make predictions for the biggest beer trends of 2020. Looks like light and NA beers will have a big year! Will this be the end of overly-hopped IPAs?

This week in science: Running is good for the knees.

Big thanks to the twitter-verse yesterday for helping with some technical SAR issues. A friend’s brother has gone missing in the Colombian Amazon and I’m doing whatever I can to help from California. Thank You!

SUUNTO: Speaking of SAR, here’s how to find your way in the mountains.

More on why some female athletes are not having their periods.

Treeline Journal: Chase recaps his run at CIM and analyzes how other Bend-based MUT runners fared at 26.2 miles.

Japan Running News: All championship high school Ekiden runners in Japan will be tested for illegal iron injections. Interesting. Article doesn’t say if they’ll be tested for any other PEDs though…anyone?

Climbing: Remembering Brad Gobright, who lost his life while climbing in. Mexico earlier this month. Sounded like a neat guy.

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