Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tue, Jan 14

Just over three years ago, Adam Campbell took a nasty fall while climbing with Dakota Jones and nearly lost his life. Then this past week, Adam’s wife Laura tragically lost her life in an avalanche in Canada. Heart breaking story of love and loss….have some tissues ready.

Spine update: Looks like Eugeni Rosso Sole is within a mile of John Kelly at 172 miles while Sabrina Vergee still leads the women’s race by about ten miles.

Mountain Outhouse News: Across the Years coverage, UROYs, FKTOYs, some commentary about UTWT entrants to WSER, and more. Do you agree with Jamil’s take on UTWT?

Ultrarunning Mag: Clare Gallagher and Zach Bitter come in at number two.

Awesome: Indian women aren’t allowing their traditional saris to get in the way of their running goals. I’d love to see more pics!

Want to know more about Golden Ticket champ Drew Holmen? Henry shares a great post about how this midwest guy got connected with the right people, coaches, and mentors, learned some tough lessons, and ultimately won his way into the Big Dance.

Science: Higher risk of fractures for those with eating disorders. Simple request: Can we get a new acronym for either Eating Disorders or Erectile Disfunction? My little brain bounces between each when reading and it confuses the heck out of me.

So when a mountain biker flying along a trail at 25mph tells someone on horseback to “get off the trails”—and that horseback rider just happens to be the landowner, as Hansbury recounts by way of example—it’s an egregious violation of that landowner’s good faith, and one that has an outsized impact.

Outside Online turns it’s attention to misbehaving mountain bikers and why they’re getting locked out of trails.

Still waiting on a few bits of info from the past few weeks…who’s changed sponsors in 2020, and WTF happened to The North Face series?

Another example of why self diagnosis and self medication are a bad idea.

I asked yesterday about guidelines for kids, and reader/Doctor Tom sent me this NYT article with some great info. Makes me feel better. Thanks to all those who wrote me publicly or privately.

SCMP: As the UTWT touches down in Hong Kong this month for the HK100, here are five men and five women to watch out for. Go Jared go!

And for a little nostalgia, here’s our interview with Jared from 2015 when he was 19 and working at a Subway in Colorado.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Galen Rupp, Rickey Gates, marathon previews, and more. Re Rupp and his new coach Mike Smith, aren’t you dying to know what was discussed in that first phone call???

Mission 24: I’m sorry, I simply don’t understand what this is all about. It’s a scavenger hunt ultra?

Good way to start your Tuesday: Highlights from Danny MacAskill’s top five rides.

Well, dammit. The Flaming Lips are playing San Francisco the night before Broken Arrow and that’d be impossible to do with the family. Broken Arrow, it is.

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