Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tue, Jan 21

Fegy writes a loooong and detailed post about his trail shoe choices over the years, and how he never quite found the perfect shoe…until now. Not sponsored, not an ambassador, just an honest opinion from a guy who knows a little thing about the trails.
These are also shoes Ben and I have been raving about for years…stay tuned for a new show this week where Ben digs deep into his gear closet for a comprehensive review of winter running gear.

Mountain Outhouse News: New beer mile record…sort of, Spine and Bandera recaps, FKTOY awards, and a tribute to Laura Kosokoski.

Paul from RunRepeat responds to your questions about the recent “sex differences in ultra results” study from two weeks ago.

Treeline Journal: Chase catches up with Jared Hazen after HK100 and asks about the race and also includes some info on the growing Chinese ultra scene. The culture is strong, and with nearly 1.5 Billion people, there are sure to be some standout talents.
Also, I check South China Morning Post (SCMP) every day for MUT news…Mark Agnew does a great job sharing stories and analysis from the region.

…like this article about which stretches we should be doing after a trail run or ultramarathon.

Trailrunner/Roche: Want to get faster, but also make sure you’re healthy for the long term? David Roche has the answers for you.

Treadmill: Over the weekend, Márton Darvas from Hungary set a new World Record for 24 hours on the treadmill with 286km…that’s 177 miles. Wow!

Four day ultramarathon stage race planned for Kyrgyzstan. Step one: Find it on a map.

A quick perusal shows overall dislike and distrust of the Leadville lottery draw. Couldn’t really nail down any specifics…what was/is the issue?

When Jornet’s Everest accomplishment broke on social media and other outlets, one of the more interesting comments came from Italian mountaineering legend Marino Giacometti, [who] told Runner’s World magazine, “a great achievement of both endurance and survival. In trail-running terms, this is one of the great performances. No ropes, no oxygen.” Yes, Everest had been referred to in trail-running terms.

Rock and Ice: Will the future of alpinism and mountaineering belong to runners? Interesting story on how SkyRunners like Kilian and Karl are making an impact on those sports.

Bummer: Rock and Roll Arizona Half Marathon screwed up with a misplaced cone and now results are inaccurate. Ugh.

At that race, Jim clocked a 1:02:13 for the half…that’s 4.44mpm before adjustments for the short course. Daaaaang.

ICYMI: If you haven’t heard our interview with Jim Walmsley from 2017, I’d highly recommend finding an hour run and plugging in today. He opens up about his past and how some major issues pushed him to take control of his own destiny. Check it out.

Outside: Can LetsRun change their act?

A family was on a hike in Massachusetts when a coyote grabbed the three year old and tried to run off. Dad answered back by killing it with his bare hands. “Dad, what have you ever done for me?!?” now has an easy answer.

Broadcast Now: I’m hoping this press announcement about Kilian’s new documentary isn’t a harbinger of its theme: Extreme sports!…Danger! EXTREME!!! Yawn.

8020 Endurance/Matt Fitzgerald: Prone to getting cold feet before a race? Matt’s got some great advice for all of us.

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